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When is the best time to visit Iceland?

Looking for your next great adventure? There's no better place than Iceland, a country with something to offer every season. Whether you're looking for snow-filled fun in the winter or sunbathing à la Reykjavik in summertime - there’s an experience waiting just around the corner! So come one, come all and discover why this Land of Fire and Ice always leaves people wanting more.
Summertime in Iceland is a lush oasis of rolling hills and endless days, while winter brings the sparkly magic of Northern Lights. It's all so gorgeous - but if you had to choose one, would it be cascading waterfalls or icy landscapes?
No matter when you decide to visit Iceland, you'll find something special is always in season! The summer months of June-August make up their peak season - the time for endless daylight and all kinds of outdoors fun. During winter (November-March) there's a secondary peak that offers northern lights viewing opportunities along with other exciting activities. Are you an autumn or spring person? Then be sure not to miss out on exploring during low/shoulder seasons because this way, but still have plenty of experiences unique to those times too!
If you're looking for a budget-friendly vacation, Iceland in the low season is your ticket! From April to May and September to October, flight prices are drastically lower than during other times of year. On top of that, accommodations and car rentals will also come with great deals - perfect if you've got an eye on the wallet. But this isn't just about saving money; it's ideal for those seeking fewer crowds too! Enjoy all of what Iceland has to offer without being surrounded by tour groups at every turn.
For pleasant weather, April and October are your best bet. Sure, it's chillier than the summers any day of the week, but if you're looking for a break from cold winter temperatures these months can't be beat! Hiking and camping in May or September? Yes please – skies tend to stay clear while temps remain comfortably mild - total bliss. Just bear this in mind: If seeing Northern Lights is on top of your bucket list – wait until at least mid-September before planning that trip as darker nights will give you better chances with Aurora Borealis lights dancing across the sky!
Summertime in Iceland is like a magical dream! With its warm and pleasant weather, long days of sunshine gives you maximum time to explore the country. If you decide to visit Iceland in the summer, a cruise is a great way to get there. A cruise is an exciting adventure that begins before you even reach your destination! One of the famous cruise operators - Poseidon Expeditions travels to Iceland from May to September. At this time there will be maximum daylight during the polar day and a comfortable temperature.
Travelling around these months lets you take advantage of extra daylight hours where even hiking can be done at night - not to mention enjoying all those stunningly colorful skies under the renowned Midnight Sun. Summer also opens up opportunities for camping or living it wild with your motorhome or camper van; just don't forget that layers are key no matter what season it is! Summertime in Iceland is a driver's paradise, with small cars and bicycles able to reach even the nation’s most remote areas. For those looking for more rugged terrain, four-wheel drives are required for mountain roads but rest assured you won't be leaving empty handed - wildlife like Reindeer, Sheep, Icelandic Horses and Arctic Foxes can often been spotted roaming freely! Hikers will love traversing through the amazing landscape too; come summer it erupts into colour after winter hibernation so keep your eyes peeled as whales an Puffins make their home near coasts.
With its beautiful winter landscapes, striking ice caves and jaw-dropping frozen waterfalls, there's no wonder why Iceland is a second peak season destination from November to March. The darkness of the night sky also provides plenty of opportunity for those in search of one nature’s most spectacular show - the Northern Lights! If you're looking for something extra thrilling during your trip then don't miss out on trying'll be an unforgettable experience! December especially holds special celebrations with festive cheer throughout Reykjavik plus firework displays and bonfires – how magical!
If you really want to soak up all Iceland has to offer, it's best not rush. Why settle for just a few days when staying a week can mean experiencing typical activities like snowmobiling and hiking on glaciers as well exploring some of the more remote gems around the island? Ten or more days in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries will give you an authentic taste of this incredible landscape with plenty of time at hand - so why not take your sweet time while there!
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